Help the Haven

We need your help! Though you may be far away, you are still an important part of the life of each child that comes through our doors. Here's how you can help:

Become a Prayer Partner

We are firm believers in the power of prayer and need your help to cover our little ones with an abundance of prayers while they are in our care and once they re-enter their villages. If you would like to be a prayer partner for a child at the Havens, email Meagan at You will receive specific requests for your child along with pictures and updates so you can share in our joy as we watch them grow.

Support a Child

The Havens could not operate without generous servants willing to support our children financially. Each child at the Havens has two sponsors, both giving $75 each month. The funds help cover the endless need for formula, bottles, diapers and food, as well as any special needs that may arise. If you would like to provide monthly support for a child, email Meagan at

Send a Package (UPDATED!!)

People often ask what we need for the Haven. There are many things that are difficult or very expensive to get in Zambia. If you would like to send a package, here are some things we could always use:

Children's vitamins (chewable or liquid)
Infant Tylenol
Preemie or newborn onesies
Disposable diapers
Baby wipes
Cars that wind back and run alone
Special lotions or creams for babies with eczema, like Eucerin or Aquafor

Please address packages to:
Meagan Hawley
Namwianga Mission
P.O. Box 620022
Kalomo, Zambia, Africa