Monday, April 11, 2016

Milestone Monday

Every day brings new changes around here. Our babes are growing, learning, changing all the time. We're so proud of them! Here is a bit of what we've been up to lately! 
Memo lost her two front teeth!
Evey is the wildest of women. 
Suzy is still working hard at physio! Keep praying she will sit!
They've learned to make human trains, and will walk like this forever! 
Essie and Lot are walking and at Haven 2!
Edith graduated from physio!
These snit snorts all eat nshima like big kids with their hands now, not in a baby bowl!

Jenny is sitting!
Luyando is taking 4 steps!

Roinah's starting to use those legs!

Memo is walking now! She's still going to physio 3 times a week, but I think she'll be discharged soon! 
Nora continues to gain weight at an abnormally fast rate. 😂
Lamby is walking! And loves to have that tongue hanging out. 

And as always, we've had tons of birthdays! 

Dwini turned 3! (Peeps as a cake-- I already know. I'm the worst.)
Flo turned 3!

Watupa turned 2!

Sesa Bean turned 7!
John turned 3!
Priscilla turned 3!

This gang all turned 1!



Emmanuel (Manu)
Jose turned 5!
Abbie turned 10!
Jonah turned 4!
Edith turned 2-- and is walking!!
Maureen is 6!
And so is Memory! 😉

All is well in our world. Thanks for loving us and praying for us! 

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