Friday, June 19, 2015

A is for Absence

Hello again, dear friends. I'm just the worst at consistent blogging. That's obvious now. 

In the months of my absence from this little space, so much has happened, yet not much at the same time. These months have been full, definitely, but simply full of those everyday moments and circumstances that add up to life. 

We've had new babes come that have stolen our hearts, and other babes that have gone home who've carried our hearts off to the new places they stay. We've had sick babies get well and overcome some crazy circumstances, but also our sweet Ezra died after fighting for life as hard as a baby can.  We've seen the rains end and the cold begin. And God has been with us through all the change and in every season. 

So this is just me, saying we're still here and life is still good and the world still keeps on turning. And I'm probably still going to be horrible at blogging, but I'll keep trying. :)

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