Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Window Wednesday- 9th Grade Bible Study

I thought tonight I'd offer you a glimpse into my normal Wednesday night routine. Since moving back here in 2012, I've been teaching one of the high school bible studies every Wednesday night. Wednesday night church does not exist in Zambia, but because Namwianga has the secondary school, they have grade level bible studies on that night. I started with the grade 8 girls last year, and now I have them again in grade 9. The plan is that I'll have them all the way until they complete grade 12, and I can already tell what a difference it makes having the same group of girls carry over each year. They are definitely growing, maturing, and gaining more depth each year. 

They come over to my house each week, and most weeks I make some kind of special treat for the end of our night. Our first year we studied Jesus, what he said and what he did. This year we've been studying a book called "Follow Me" by David Platt which deals with what it means to actually follow this Jesus we spent the last year learning all about. 

When the Harding groups are here, many of the girls participate in our bible study. I pair each college student up with one of my grade 9 girls. They sit together each week and try to spend a little bit of time at the end talking about the lesson and praying with each other. 

Tonight, we had a game night with everyone. We drew names and each pair played another pair in some crazy fun games like Trouble, Memory, Jenga, and Toss up! I love how games transcend cultures, and how everyone enjoys a little friendly competition. :) 

Here are a few pictures from tonight's match ups. 

I don't love these pictures because everyone's eyes look crazy and the flash was weird, but I sure do love all the girls in these pictures and the love they pour into each other.


  1. Meagan,

    What you are doing - staying with the class through high school - is great. For several years, Nancy and I taught the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades, starting in the 4th and moving up each year with them. And then starting over in the 4th grade.

    We got to know the children so very well and they got to know us equally well. Those are such critical years for them because by the time they reach the 6th grade, most of them are ready to give their lives to Christ.

    Keep up the great work . . . and the great blogs!

    We love you,

    Nancy and Jerry Tindel

  2. I am encouraged to see a young Christian woman doing this! Keep up the good work.

    Xoxo, your sister in Christ (Ontario, Canada)