Saturday, September 13, 2014

Play-doh Fun

Years ago, I broke out Play-doh for the kids thinking it would be a blast. But like every one of you has experienced I'm sure, I spent the entire time fishing it out of little mouths and picking it up off the floor. It was far from a blast. 

Today I thought I'd try it again, and we had so much fun! I had 4 little containers of Play-doh originally, but it's been so long since we'd used it that 3 of the colors were hard as rocks! So we only had one small container of orange, but it split and expanded quite nicely. 

As is usually the case, they started out wanting to do exactly what I did, or rather wanting me to make for them exactly what I'd just made. But little by little they gained courage and creativity and started cracking me up with the things they thought of all on their own.

I love watching them try new things and take pride in what they've created. If you haven't heard me say it lately, we've got some pretty precious kids around here! 

Trying her hand at a circle
The snake-- surely the most popular Play-doh creation of all time
Figuring out some textures on the table

Vigi being Vigi. :)
(#2, dad!)

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