Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My heart is warm (and so is everything else!)

1. If you've noticed an increase in my blogging lately, it's my dad's fault. He wrote me off as a retired blogger, so we put a friendly little wager on it. 20 blogs before I go home for furlough and I get a few new articles of OKC Thunder clothing. If I fail, well, life will be pretty much back to how it was before! The truth is, I really wish I took the 5 or 10 minutes it would take every night to just catch people up on the days, but I don't make it happen. And the competitive side of me will do just about anything to win a bet, so you'll be seeing a little more of me around lately. :)

2. My heart is warm because this afternoon and evening I sent out my monthly (sometimes couple-monthly) prayer updates and sponsorship updates on our babies. I wrote to hundreds of people around the world and told them about the life of this one specific baby they are praying for. And on these days, I am constantly crying as I read my e-mails. People are just so kind. And they have huge hearts for tiny little people they've never even met. I picture my friends and family and acquaintances going to Target to pick out a new outfit for their baby, or a toy that would be appropriate for here. My friends' kids are collecting their change to buy special Christmas gifts for their prayer baby. My family and my friends and my acquaintances are lifting up our babies, by name, to God every single day. It's humbling, beautiful, heart-warming. And to think that you all love them so much without ever having met them, heard them babble, felt their chubby little arms around your necks, cried over their sick bodies and rejoiced over their well ones. Not to rub it in or anything, but I get to do those things every day. :) Your love for them reminds me what a privilege it is that I get to be one of the ones doing this. Thanks for the reminder!

3. The rest of me is warm because it's so UNBELIEVABLY hot. October starts tomorrow, which marks the hottest time of our year (hence all the swimming afternoons for the babes). It is just inescapable, and with it comes the bugs. Of all shapes and sizes and smells. It's the time of year when you can no longer leave your glass uncovered for longer than a couple of minutes without finding friends inside. It's the time of year when I sit all during morning Tonga lessons with a fly swatter in my hand, slightly distracted by the constant buzzing around me. It's the time of year when the power starts to go off in the middle of the night (5 times last night) just to make you appreciate when it comes back on and the fan's relief returns. The rains will start after this month, Lord willing, and then they'll be some real relief. Until then, we'll enjoy the fun parts about October, like jacarandas and freeze pops and new bugs for my bug collection. (J/K on the bug collection. Although I totally should).
Jacaranda tree outside the Haven. They line the entire road up the drive and only bloom this month or two of the year.
The road to the Haven

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