Monday, September 29, 2014

Haven 3 Swimming

 Today Haven 3 got their first turn to swim! They usually have class every afternoon, and that's the ideal time for swimming because of the heat. But today we threw class to the wind and decided to let them swim instead. Our kids have never been in water. Their baths are not taken in standing water; it's just splashed over them. So you wouldn't believe how much this rocks their worlds! Most of us had so much fun! :)
Patu was sooooo out on swimming.
Then she got a little interested...
Decided to get her proverbial feet wet...
And what do you know? We've got a full fledged water lover. I hate watching them be scared of something I know they'd just love if they gave it a chance!
John was busy, busy, busy the whole time.
But not quite as busy as Helen, who kept all containers full and peoples heads doused with water!
It's amazing how long this remains fun...
Sesa got to swim to show the others how fun (and not scary!) it was. He quickly commandeered the hose and loved showing people a good time! :)
Angel, so big now!
Candace filled that bottle over and over and over and over and over....
So much fun.
Chabilo dangled her feet a bit and enjoyed the warm sunshine.
Evelyn was a total wild woman. She would just dive right in, head first, and come right up laughing like crazy!
That's pretty indicative of her personality as a whole!
1. Priscilla joined us for swimming, even though she's not at Haven 3.
2. She wants to be standing at all times these days!
3. Babies have crazy amounts of snot in pools here, too! Why is that?!
 Most doctors we've consulted with agree that Chabonwa is autistic. Knowing this and all his special likes and dislikes, I didn't know how he'd react to being in a pool of water. I was fully prepared for him to either scream and want out immediately, or scream when I made him get out eventually! Thankfully, he LOVED every second of it. He was so curious about all of it, and I loved watching his mind spin as he explored it all.

And poor Chilala could never bite the bullet and stay in. She talked all day about swimming, but was too timid when it came down to it! I have a feeling next time she'll be one of the ringleaders!
I can't tell you how wonderful it is for all of us to have a little respite from the crazy heat in our tiny pool!  Have a good day!

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