Saturday, September 13, 2014

Can You Count the Stars?

There's a song that never fails to make me cry when we sing it in church. Well, not the whole thing, I guess, but the last verse especially gets me. 
  1. "Can you count the many children
    In their little beds at night,
    Who without a thought of sorrow
    Rise again at morning light?
    God the Lord, who dwells in heaven,
    Loving care to each has given;
    He has not forgotten thee,
    He has not forgotten thee."
  2. When I really stop and think about the fact that God can and does count the many children in their beds at night, that He knows their names and their needs and their hurts and their histories, that He hasn't forgotten them, my mind is blown. 
  3. People always act shocked when I know the names, birthdays, stories, and hearts of all of our little ones. And it shocks me that it shocks them, because to me it's like, "Of course I know those things! They are my life and my work and my heart. How could I not know those things about our kids?"
  4. Which makes me wonder how God must feel when we don't think He's big enough or cares enough to know His children all by name and hurt and hope and heart. I know the overwhelming task it is to me with our small number of children, and so when I look at the vastness of God's children around the world, I am blown away by who He is and how He works and how huge His love is. 
  5. Psalm 121:4 reads, "Indeed he who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep." What a reassurance; what a promise! I love being able to tell our little ones with full assurance that God is with them, always. He's never sleeping, never dozing, and there's never a time when He has forgotten them, even if it feels like it. 
  6. He's that good, and He cares that much for us. I guess that's something worth crying some happy tears about. :) 

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