Thursday, September 11, 2014

Busiku update

I wanted to update you all on Busiku. Many of you may remember her, but here is a link that will catch you up if you don't. Busiku Goes Home

It had been awhile since I'd seen Busi, and I was honestly quite apprehensive about how I'd find her. Every doctor who has ever seen her has talked about her short life expectancy. That combined with how far they stay out in the bush and the lack of cell coverage made me nervous that something may have happened to her health that we hadn't gotten word about yet. I'd had this pit in my stomach for awhile, and today we finally found time to make the trek out to see her.

She. Looked. Beautiful. She giggled incessantly. She drooled just like last time. She stroked my face like it was the funniest thing in the world. She was pushed around by her cousins as she screamed like a wild woman. She had lost 1,000 new teeth since the last time. She was happy.

So I was happy. Her life will never be easy and it probably won't be long. And there are so many parts of her story still that would break your heart. But boy oh boy did God ever put a sense of joy and total oblivion in her sweet body to shield her from all that's going on in her and around her, things that she'll never have to know about. He's sustaining her precious life and allowing so many people around her to feel joy just by being around this angel girl.

Tonight I'll sleep easier. I'm not really sure why. Nothing has changed today for her, but for me I got to see another real life example of God's goodness and sustenance, and it makes me feel like everything just might be okay in the world after all. :)

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