Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Rich days

The last few days I've been feeling this overwhelming urge to just slow down time, to somehow record and remember every little happening in these rich, full days. I always love the babies, but for some reason right now I'm so totally overwhelmed with their sweetness, their growth, their innocence, their beauty, their intelligence, their resilience. Everywhere I turn it's something new that they're doing, a new tooth, a new word, a new dance move. And they won't slow down, and I can't keep up. And I'm missing things! Milestones! Things that matter! 

Just today
Seth mastered writing the letter 6. 
Watupa's first tooth came out at 4 months!
Priscilla stood alone!
Wendy made it through a whole language class without falling asleep. 
Jonah crawled out of his bed all by himself. 
Biggie wet his pants 3 times in ONE class. 
Memory is grinning. 
Evelyn can't make it through a massage without rolling over and crawling away. 
Lulu stuffed so much of her cake in her mouth she almost lost it all. 
Chipo wanted nothing to do with his. 
Susan's decided she NEVER wants to be put down. 

And I could go on and on. I'm so full of them. So proud of them. So shocked by them. So worn out by them. So blessed by them. Each of them. They all have a story, and a place, and a special place here that no one else could fill. 

And they go on to their villages leaving huge gaping holes. Class isn't the same without Maleele's hopping up every couple minutes to do whatever he feels like. James isn't there to steamroll anyone who comes across his path. All of Rita's gang are temporarily lost without their bossy leader. And somewhere in the world, they are out there saying and doing and learning new things, too. I wonder what those things are. I pray all those little and big things are being celebrated. 

God is so good to us, and I'm just having one of those days when I'm so keenly aware of it. 


  1. Meagan, Thank you for taking time to share your day -- and your blessings -- with us. I copied your blog and emailed it to all 3 of our married kids who have children of their own from 4 to 12. What you are doing daily helps each of us appreciate what are our daily tasks. God bless you and each of the tiny souls that you touch. --Jerry Tindel

  2. Love this, Meag. Thank you for loving them so well. I'm missing you and them SO much today!!! Give a them few squeezes for me. Loving you! -EmB