Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Volleyball Tournament

Today we had a volleyball tournament for all of our staff at the Havens, which includes over 80 people. The Harding Speech Pathology group is here right now, and so they agreed to watch the babies for us while everyone came to the appreciation party for a couple of hours. Such a kind gesture! We had each of the houses play each other, and the winning team received a cake and some talk time. It was such a fun time of fellowship and relaxation!
I refereed most of the time. It brought me back to my volleyball coaching days!
Haven 3 Team

Haven 2 team

Haven 1 team

Eric's House and Alice's House team

Watching games until their match

Fun with friends

Winning team with their cake 

2nd place team with their cake

Warming up

Edinan mid set!

Even Mama played!