Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Milestone Monday

You know when it's really easy to write a Milestone Monday post? When you haven't done one in 9 months! Surely everyone's doing something new! :) Also, I spent the whole of today operating under the assumption that it was, in fact, Monday. So, I'll just go ahead and still post this. 
Mercy is still living with me, and she's finally really thriving and healthy. Here she is her first day of eating nshima and one Sunday morning before church. 

Zeke is sitting! And so, so babbly.
Vigi hasn't gotten any less weird. 
Lulu is sitting and might pop if she gains any more weight. 
Priscilla still goes to physical therapy at the hospital a few times a week and receives it daily with us. She's making gains, but we're still prayerful over her body and her life. 
Memo and Seth went on their first date. :) But seriously, I have to TEAR the kids away from the kitchen. 
If you remember anything about Chabilo and how deathly ill she's been over the last few months, you'll really enjoy this picture of her chubby cheeks and smile. She's on the up and up!
Joel will get a post of his own someday soon, but for now, the highlights are that he walks 35 steps in a row, and pretty much does everything while standing or walking. In the right picture, it looks like he's just standing there. But really, he is standing and balancing himself while throwing bean bags accurately into that hamper. You'd cry if you were here to watch his little determined face. :)

Jonathan is struggling so much right now. We've taken him to see multiple surgeons, and the latest one did a biopsy and sent it off to South Africa. We are still waiting on the results (should be back by mid June), but we'd love any prayers you'd say on his behalf. 
Helen is still sweet as can be. She loves babies (forgetting she still is one herself) and can almost always be found comforting someone who's sad. It's precious. 
Petra and all the others are learning to cook nshima. Fake nshima, of course, but they're getting the steps down and the pretend play down.
Thanks to the freshman class at Oklahoma Christian, we have a new iPad! My cousin Betsy loaded it up with so many learning apps, and I am SHOCKED at how much they've learned from the thing already. I know letting kids use devices is a hot topic in the states, so don't worry-- no one kid is spending too much time on it! It's definitely a treat. 

Both twins are sitting well and happy as can be. 
One of the big girls favorite pastimes these days.

Leahndrea is walking hesitantly. It won't be long now...
Binwell's walking!
Chilala's walking!
Jeremy's running!
Edwin's walking 
Flo is standing around like a bump on a log (although she's up to 2 steps...)
Deacon is masquerading as a ninja turtle. When he's not wearing this, he's wearing a bright, red blazer. 
You could never really imagine the transformation in Boyd unless you'd seen him struggling for his life so many times. He's my miracle boy. 
Candace is a walking, talking, ornery little lady. 
Agnes is getting stronger and stronger!
Katie, Wendy, and Vera are all in various stages of walking. Vera is running and transitioning herself over to Haven 2. Katie is still tentative, and Wendy's just lazy :).
Kelvin's walking!
Esther and Evelyn are hard at work. Crawling is just around the corner for them both.

Hope ya'll are having great days! 

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  1. So happy to see your new post! The pictures are great!