Friday, April 4, 2014

Language School- last day :(

Well, folks, it's all over (this time around anyway!) and I'm home! 

I presented Ba Mwiinga with his cake and a flash drive containing all 40 pages of my typed notes! 

He loved the cake and was excited to go home and share it with his family. (I guess he loved the flash drive, too, but he asked for it, so it wasn't a surprise!) We did some final review and clarification in the morning, I took my final exam, and then we were off. Now it's time to try out all that I've learned in the real world! 

I drove straight to the hospital to check on Chabilo. When I first arrived, she really didn't look good. I was able to talk to the doctor, and he assured me that compared to how she was looking, she looks incredible today. Maybe I'm glad I wasn't here! 
When I went back tonight to check on her, she looked so, so much better. She was bright and alert, although still having a little trouble breathing. 

The doctor said it will be at least Monday before he thinks about discharging her. The paediatric ward was jam packed full of kids and their mamas, and they were all giddy when they didn't hear me speak a word of English! 

And as for all of the other little ones and aunties, they've surprised me with all sorts of new tricks. Can't wait to show some to you soon. 

I'm so looking forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight, bat free! I'm thankful to all of you who've followed along on the journey!

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  1. Welcome Home! and you got there without those red ruby slippers....