Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Language School- Day 18

Today was as relaxing a day as we've had. We read a lot of stories and dissected them for their varying verb tenses, adjectives and adverbs, clauses, demonstratives, etc. It was fun for this oddball who loves sentence diagramming and all that jazz. :)

I loved when Ba Mwiinga said this today:
English is a smart language, but Tonga is a rich one.

He was trying to nail down some pesky prepositions (Tonga doesn't have them, or rather they are infixed within verbs so it doesn't seem like it has them), and he was attempting to explain why. We didn't really come up with anything, but it was an interesting thing to think about nonetheless. 

We also were going over some sentences in a book I've studied before. This was one of the sentences:
We were specifically looking at how the noun and adjective have to agree with the verb, but it struck me again how much you learn about a culture through learning their language. Imagine if we in America grew up reading in books that it's good to have big bodies! Such a different mindset to view your body as a tool that needs to be strong and fit for your work, and you're actually pitied when you're too thin. I digress, but I continue to love learning more and more about this unique culture.

Two more days-- ahhhh!  

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  1. The 'culture' bug has bitten and you'll never recover! Language learning presents you with an enriching and simultaneously humbling experience. You've almost toddled your way across this finish line. : }