Sunday, March 9, 2014

Tonga School

As you know if you've been reading this blog for long, I take Tonga lessons every morning in an attempt to speak and understand Tonga well. Not everyone who lives here needs to speak Tonga, however, my job is different. The majority of the aunties I work with every day don't speak English, and all of our communication is done in Tonga. I also make village visits to our babies that have gone home and have found very little English spoken by the families of our children who stay in the village.

So, it's important to me to learn it and learn it well. Right now, I can speak well and can get around with Tonga wherever I need to. I just can't get as deep as I'd like to be able to go, and I can't understand it nearly as well as I can speak it (strange, I know!).

A few weeks ago, I ran into an American doctor who told me about a language school in a city about two and a half hours away from Namwianga. I looked into it and found that they do still arrange for Tonga classes for interested students, but I'm the first one interested in a couple of years! So they made some calls, arranged for a teacher for me, and our classes start tomorrow. I'm nervous on so many levels, but I'm also very excited.

I'm of course anxious about leaving the Haven for a month just because I'll miss everyone so much. It'll be a lonely life in Monze as I don't know anyone and will be the only student in my class, but that should give me ample amounts of time to study! I'd love your prayers that the babies would stay healthy while I'm away, for my attitude and frustration levels as I repeatedly "fail" in an attempt to grow, for my relationship with my teacher, for my loneliness, and for growth in my abilities. Thank you all so much for the ways you love and support me. I appreciate you!

Here are a few pictures of the place!


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