Thursday, March 20, 2014

Language school- Day 9

Last week, Ba Mwiinga started drawing the same picture on the board every day. Because I'm on my phone, I can't make a very nice example, but here is a rough version of what he draws:
He says he gives me the knowledge that would fill a gallon every day, even when I'll probably only realistically use a pint. The rest will probably spill off of me and go over my head, but the idea is that at least I've been exposed to it and will recognize it if it ever comes up in the future. Whenever I find a particular subject challenging, he draws that picture up there and reminds me of how the meat of what I'll be using every day is there, so I needn't worry.

This is a way different philosophy than what I've been operating under up until this point. Ba Halale and I had an agreement that if I didn't think something was relevant to my life, I didn't have to learn it. :) Ba Mwiinga thinks I'm wrong! Imagine that! Hehe. He wants to prepare me with so much knowledge, even if I never have to use it. I guess it's kind of like what we're taught in education-- prepare way more for your lesson than you'll ever actually be able to cover. 

One of the funniest things to me is how he HATES my use of some words from other Zambian languages instead of Tonga. He'll ask me what a certain word is, I'll tell him what I've been taught in Kalomo, and he'll just scoff! "Why use a Lozi word when there's a perfectly good Tonga one!" I keep finding new ways to exasperate him! 

The problem is that there are 5 different versions of Tonga spoken out there. Each region in Tongaland (generally the southern part of Zambia) speaks it's own version, and they have widely different vocabularies and tonalities. Everyone from Kalomo who heard I was coming to Monze for language school warned me not to come home speaking like "those people from Monze"! So, I'm trying hard to balance what I'll actually use with what Ba Mwiinga wants me to know. 

Tomorrow is my second exam. Here is a little section of my homework from last night, trying to get me ready for the big exam! Thanks for your continued love and prayers. 

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  1. ❝Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can; there will always come a time when you will be grateful you did.❞
    ‒Sarah Caldwell (Fayettville, Arkansas child prodigy who learned the language of music and spoke it excellently!!)