Monday, March 17, 2014

Language school- Day 6

My dad had a saying for us all when we were growing up playing tennis. If we hit a shot that was poor and would get us frustrated, he would say, "Hit it and forget it!" What he meant by this was don't dwell on that one bad shot and allow it to throw you off course and completely alter your mental state. Bad shots are going to come. That's just part of life. Forget about it, move on, and hopefully do something differently next time. 

Well, today was a bad day. A realllllllly bad day. So I'm just going to take my dad's advice, forget it, and pray for a better one tomorrow. :)


  1. I'll add to that, "Socks first, then shoes." Be patient! :) You've got this. Love you.

  2. Language learning of a non-western language is a stretch for our westernized brains...I'm with you!