Friday, March 14, 2014

Language school- Day 5

Ba Mwiinga left my exam for our afternoon session today, so I had to sweat it out all morning! My exam was difficult, and I have no idea how I did. I guess it doesn't really matter, ultimately, but I still wanted to do well! I aced the sections that were just memorization, but the application parts proved a bit tougher :). 

The best news is that I'm home now until Sunday! We don't have any classes on the weekends, so both Ba Mwiinga and I left for our respective homes after my exam this afternoon. He's excited for me to be able to use what I've learned this week in a practical sense and figure out what I think I need to work on still. 

I've only been gone for a week, but I can't tell you how giddy I was just to see people I know! I stopped in town to get a few groceries before driving out to the mission, and I was just beaming and waving at the gas attendant and my friend who works in the mini mart and the director of transportation for Namwianga who happened to be in the shop and anyone else I recognized! It feels so good to be home again. It's great to be among people you know or are familiar with. I was positively crazy the whole ride to the babies and aunties, just couldn't wait to hug them and talk about all I've learned this week and all that's happened since I've been gone. I'm kind of an extreme extrovert, so this week of only seeing one other human has been tough!

Now it's a matter of resting and studying and preparing for another week ahead. Thanks for all your prayers and love that have sustained me through this first week. I appreciate you guys!


  1. "application parts" are in swing now that you are back home!!!
    ...while you are home with babies and aunties, inquire how I might come alongside your day and them, when we come...I could come with a lesson/activity to share with kiddos to reinforce learning of something//bring small items that would be helpful/bring your favorite treats of ______ and surprises for me your reply when you can get to it. Love looking for your daily blog....enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this weekend at home.

  2. It's alway nice to go "where everybody knows your name." Don't you think?