Thursday, March 13, 2014

Language school- Day 4

Today could best be summed up by Ba Mwiinga's statement to me:

It doesn't matter whether or not you like it. That's the way it is.

Man, is that a truth that applies to way more of life than just language. But in any case, he spoke those loving :) words to me after I asked him for the twentieth time WHY "mu" changes to "mwa" in certain tenses and classes but not others. 
       But why?? 
           Because that's what it does. 
       But it doesn't do that here. 
           That's different. 
       But why?? It doesn't make sense. 
           But that's what's correct. 
       But how am I supposed to know 
        that's correct? I would never know
        that and then it would be wrong. 
            You can hear it. One just sounds  
        Not to me. I think the other way 
        sounds better. 
              Well you would be wrong. 

And then he uttered those profound words, 
It doesn't matter whether or not you like it. That's the way it is.

I've been trying to let that truth really sink in today and accept that some things just are the way they are, even when I can't understand them (so many spiritual applications, so little time!). At one point I apologized for asking so many questions because I knew it was coming off as argumentative, but I truly was seeking to understand and make some sense of it. He said, "No! This is wonderful! You are even making me think there are sections of my book that I should revise to clarify certain points. You are also teaching me!" He's precious like that, unfortunately giving me further license to spar with him. "Mutinta (my tonga name), we are academics. This is how we learn!" So I guess I'll keep asking questions and seeking clarification until all the pieces finally fit together nicely. 

Tomorrow is my first exam-- eek! 


  1. Love having updates on how this is going! Keep it up. I'm praying for you daily... ;)

  2. When God granted you the grace of finding a friend for these weeks, we did not know that it would be both your teacher and a friend. Reading between your lines I see lines of mutual respect traced between you. Stimulating times!

  3. ahhhhhh....exam day over. Roger and I and scores of others here in your BOCC family are keeping you covered, hedged about, named in our conversations with the Father of us all!