Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Language school- Day 3

Today was a different day because it's a Zambian holiday, youth day. My teacher was off because of the holiday, but he left me a mountain of work to complete in the classroom in his absence, calling it a day of "personal study".

I finished all my assignments and rewarded myself with a little trip to Tooters, home of Zambia's best fried chicken and chips. This place is basically the halfway point between Kalomo (where I live) and Lusaka, Zambia's capital city. So, Tooters is famous in our world. It's one of those places where even if it's 7 am, you stop and get chicken. 

So I went there for an afternoon excursion and late lunch. I had the opportunity to speak Tonga to new people, so that was good. 

Today was a good chance to stop, really study and let sink in all we've covered so far, and figure out what questions I still need to ask to really master these concepts. Tomorrow will be back to business as usual. I'm actually so excited to see what all I'll get to learn tomorrow. I'm a nerd like that! 

Hope your day has been wonderful! 

    My favorite study spot. So peaceful. 

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