Monday, March 31, 2014

Language school- Day 16 and Lusaka

We had such a great weekend in Lusaka. People are always surprised when I tell them I went to a movie or something like that here in Zambia, so I thought I'd show you a little bit about what the capital city is like. It is 5 hours away from Namwianga, and a world away experientially. 

In the seven years since I first moved to Zambia, it has changed like crazy. The mall that is there still makes me drop my jaw sometimes. It's just wild because it's right next to such extreme levels of poverty. Here's a little picture tour of the journey to Lusaka...
Leaving language school and headed to the tarmac.

 Lusaka is way hillier than the land around Namwianga. 
No trip to Lusaka is complete without a stop at "Kafue Corner". This is where I've made friends through the years who sell all sorts of beautiful baskets and are famous for their apples and bananas. Every inch of your windows is smashed full of vendors wanting you to choose their fruit. 
When you make it to Lusaka, they have robots (traffic lights), but most intersections still use roundabouts. 
I saw this golf club for the first time!
This is our favorite roadside market. 
People are all over the roads selling all sorts of things. The things I've bought on the side of the road over the years include, but are not limited to, bottled water, fruit, scrabble set, phone charger, beach towel, soccer jersey, posters, jumper cables, a movie, a lamp, sunglasses, talktime, and I'm drawing a blank for anything else. It's actually a really fun, convenient way to shop. 
And my all time favorite place in Lusaka is the chitenge house. Chitenges are the brightly colored wraps used for dress or for carrying babies, and this market in town has about six shops in a row with so many selections. I squeal everytime I go in. This trip I got to pick out 50 different ones for each of the aunties for their birthdays this year (don't tell!), so it was so much fun choosing from all the beautiful patterns. 
And then on the other side of town, there's the mall with the movie theatre and kettle corn and slushies, and everytime I walk up I utter the phrase, "We've reached the land of milk and honey." It's crazy, and you feel almost like you're back in America. You're quickly reminded that you're not, but still. 
A skyscraper made of cement. 

Then it's back to the bush and reality where things are worlds apart. I am always so excited to get to Lusaka, but even more ready to leave it and get home. It's stressful, fast paced, busy, and commercial. Just so different from everyday life here. 

I bought a cake at a bakery there to present Ba Mwiinga on our last day this coming Friday. That's the customary gift at a graduation, so I thought it fitting. I had them write "#1 Teacher Ba Mwiinga Ndalumba!" on it, but when I went to pick it up the next day it read "I Feacher" for some reason :). They easily fixed it, and we were on our way!

Today was a great day of trying to soak up all the last bits of wisdom he has to share with me this week. He brought me one of his books today as a gift, hoping one day I'll be able to understand it! 

I'm off to bed, but if you're someone who has been praying for me, I'd love prayers for the bat situation in my little guest house. One of the ceiling boards is down (not fixable in the next week) and the bats that I hear all night are starting to come down and freak me out. Like they stand in the path between me and the bathroom, and I just can't handle it. Benadryl's not even cutting it to keep me from thinking they're going to swoop down and get me in the night. I have my door barricaded so they shouldn't be able to get in while I sleep, but it doesn't stop me from hearing them all night! So some prayers for them to keep their distance and allow me some peace of mind the next few days would be wonderful! I appreciate you all! 


  1. I'm freaked out just reading about the bats. Why is it that they sound so much worse than rats? And, why do bats and rats rhyme? #creepy

    1. I don't know, but you should totally youtube bat noises. It's horrible sounding.