Friday, March 28, 2014

Language school- Day 15

The test went great!

And now I'm in Lusaka having some girl time with Cintia! It is so nice to get out of Tongaland (that's actually what Tonga-speaking places are called, not just a nick name I've given this place :)!) and rest my weary brain a bit. I'll be refreshed and ready for my last week of classes!

I hope your weekends are restful and relaxing as well!


  1. "in Zambia little was done until the mid-1990s to help the Tonga people after their forced removal from the Zambezi Valley between 1957 and 1958. " Do you know anything about this part of the Tongan history? Theirs sound similar to what happened to the Choctaw and other Indian groups during our own history. Just curious....... Enjoy your time with Cintia! must be worn out pushing that roller coaster car all last week...but your post sounded like you enjoyed your well-earned ride down a slope into this week-end. : )

    1. Yes, to build Kariba dam, they had to move tons of Tongas from their villages with the promise that they would help them get resettled, build them wells, etc. Some people refused to move and were killed, and those who agreed to move sadly saw little, if any, compensation.

  2. Mutinta, thinking of you as you sleep. : )