Thursday, March 27, 2014

Language school- Day 14

As is sometimes the case, success is followed by more challenges! Today was just one of those days where the task seemed totally daunting, and I felt completely incapable. 

Ba Mwiinga is getting to the point where he thinks I know way more than I know (being taught something doesn't mean you know it, unfortunately!), and I'm just overwhelmed with the pace right now. I have to keep reminding myself that learning a language takes time, and that I'm in the middle of an ongoing process. It definitely won't be over next Friday when I head home, and it won't even be over in another two or three years. It's encouraging to think back to how much I  spoke two years ago, and it's even more exciting to think about where I hope I'll be after another two years. It's an ongoing journey, and one I'm so glad I'm taking, hard as it is at times. 

Tomorrow is my third exam, so I'm studying like crazy tonight! Thanks for all your love and prayers!

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  1. Language learning is like riding a roller coaster--only YOU are pushing the car yourself up those hills in order to enjoy the brief, but thrilling ride down those fast slopes! As in other areas of life, so too, in the area of the study of a new language:
    “If you’re not making errors, you’re not breaking new ground.”