Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Language school- Day 13

We got it!!! Finally, after two and a half loooooong days, I understand predicating demonstratives. Ba Mwiinga finally told me this morning that he thought I was deliberately not getting it, and I think he actually meant it! That kind of put a fire under me and made me put aside my stubborn streak and just try a different way. And it all finally came together, and he said, "Now I can sleep tonight!" 

Hope you all have some lightbulb moments of your own today! 


  1. Awesome!
    Great Work!
    Good Job!
    Keep it up!
    You are amazing! (helps to have a good teacher! )
    I wish I had those skills for different languages! Holly

  2. Are you dreaming in Tonga yet?????

  3. I visited a really great language school in Berlin.

    Great people that teached me a lot.