Monday, March 24, 2014

Language school- Day 11

It's been a long time since I laughed until I cried at something in that way that you just can't stop, but that happened this morning during class. First of all, this will probably only be even possibly funny to you if you've been here, but even then it's probably 99% my exhaustion that had me so laughy. Second of all, Ba Mwiinga laughed right along with me the first five minutes or so. Then he just sat down and let me get it all out. :)

So, he was wanting me to write a telephone conversation out on the board. We're working on demonstratives and locatives, and he wanted me to think about how you'd say them when you can't see the person you're talking to. Anyway, he starts by writing this on the board: "Hallo?" And that's it. From that point on I was laughing and crying. 

Here, very few people say the word hello like Americans do. It comes out like "ha-low", which then sticks with foreigners because that's how everyone here pronounces it. So, when I was home on furlough this year, my neice Jenson was starting to talk more and more, and without even thinking about it, I would take her up to someone or something and have her say "ha-low", and it stuck. My sister in law Courtney even caught her greeting her grandmother on FaceTime by saying "ha-low".

So, for some reason it just got me to see it written out like that. It's not that hello is being pronounced differently, but Ba Mwiinga says it's an adapted word and the actual word is "hallo".  And I just couldn't get over it. I'm still laughing out loud as I'm typing this!

Anyway, I realize that made little sense, but it was definitely a highlight of my day. I'm happy for anything that can make me laugh like that these days! Hope your days are filled with many highlights and laughs, too!

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