Monday, March 10, 2014

Language school- Day 1

I arrived last night to the pastoral centre where my language classes are held. I got all of my things moved in to the little guest house I'm staying in, and I tried to get some sleep. However, all I could hear for a long time (until the Benadryl finally kicked in!) were the rats squeaking overhead. Granted, I have rats in the ceiling of my own house at Namwianga, but it's different when they're your rats, ya know? These rats made it hard for me to feel at ease, but I know it will get easier. It's funny how comfort levels are so relative.

We started this morning at 9, although every other day we'll start at 8:30. My teacher, Ba Mwiinga, is amazingly gifted at teaching Chitonga and laughs a lot, which I love of course. 

I spent the first of our morning session pretty much feeling like a rock star because he didn't know how much Tonga I already spoke, so I knew the answer to literally every question he asked. Unfortunately, he wised up and realized we needed to move on. :)

Moving on obviously meant more challenging material and more frustration for me. It's totally humbling. I've been remembering the wisdom of one friend who encouraged me to "Toddle on down to language school and let yourself take on the mind and attitude of a child....not one thing to prove; not one person to impress."

I was reading a book recently about working cross culturally. It talked about how in a foreign environment, it's easy to see your strengths and weaknesses more clearly than in your home culture sometimes. Amen. And trying to learn another language again has shown me just how impatient and argumentative I am, and this ugly desire to be right all the time. So sitting in a room for six hours a day being constantly wrong is not fun for me, but it's so very good for not only my tonga but for my soul as well. I continue to learn so much about myself, and keep finding ways I want to be better. I love how God can even use language learning to mold me into who He'd like for me to be. 

So tonight I study, study, study, do my homework, and when I finish that, I get to watch one episode of Downton as my reward! 

Thanks for all your prayers-- please keep them coming!

            My bedroom

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