Wednesday, March 5, 2014


My dear, sweet cousin Emily left today. I can't begin to tell you how grateful I am for the two months God granted us to spend together. To say she eased my burdens would be a major understatement. She spent all of her time finding ways to make life easier for other people, and her servant heart and humility challenged me so much.

This was Emily's fourth visit here, but this one was the longest and the most special. It was wonderful for me to have her apart from a bigger group, actually allowing her to enter into real life here behind the scenes and without all the visitors and the chaos that sometimes brings!

She was usually surrounded like this, with choruses of "Emery" being shouted at her.

She took nature walks with us, and she helped keep the stragglers in line.

She stayed up nights with Chabilo so I could sleep, literally loving life back into her. And after she was better and back at the Haven, she continued to invest in her and help her keep healing and growing.

 She spent hours and hours giving babies massage. And singing hilarious songs to them.

She played outside with our kids, swinging them, chasing them, just being with them and entering into their fun.
She worked tirelessly to get our playhouse up and running.
 She took walks with me at night to talk and dream and process.

She spent days with me at the bedside of our babies, supporting me and them in one of the roughest parts of life here.

She joined me on village visits, and it was so fun for her to get to see babies she's known in years past.

In general, she just made our lives brighter and louder and fuller, and I already miss her more than I can stand.

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  1. Wonder why I love this so very much! Thanks for this post, dear Meagan.