Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our New Room

Thanks to a wonderfully generous donation, we now have a new playhouse, classroom, and therapy center! 

We have a building at the Haven that has previously been used as a supplemental school for children from the surrounding areas. It closed at the end of last year, leaving an empty school room in a perfect location. Before we moved into this room,  we did language class on the verandas, leaving room for tons of distractions for both me and the babes. :) Therapy and massage is done wherever there is a space and quiet! Now, I have a place to take the babies to do all of these things. They love to walk the 30 seconds from their house over to the "playhouse" and ask to learn all the time. It's a perfect place for guided play, video watching, tummy time, massage, therapy, and class. 

I'm so grateful for my cousin Emily, friend Ashley, and all the uncles from the Haven that helped make this transformation possible. The room needed many repairs, and those are not in my skill set :). They worked so hard to get this space looking so inviting and warm, and the kids really do absolutely love it. 

(There are ton of pictures to follow, and some of them are duplicates that won't erase for some reason! Sorry!)
Painting ceiling boards
Nandi, a great little helper
Making flags
Even Flo helped out a bit
Adding the burglar bars, a must :)
Hanging some flags

Before and after


And now, here are pictures from the last few weeks of some of the kids using the room. There is a short video from language class at the end, too. 
Anna baby
Emmanuel "Biggie" concentrating really hard
Cooking is the biggest hit
Maureen and Vigi, cooking nshima
Bina Bright and Wendy
Flo finds this doll intriguing. 
Jonathan telling Lushomo a little secret :)
Eric Carle, a universal favorite
Boyd loves his reflection!
Em giving Agnes a massage


  1. This room makes my heart soar!! I have lots of stuff to fill it up if I can just figure out how to get it over there! Literally, I have 12 huge plastic bins of stuff. I will work on the logistics of getting as much as I can over this summer!

  2. Binny's so big. And so cute! Love the new room. What a great space for all the ways you use it. And - unbelievable seeing that many little bottoms staying in their chairs during the class!

  3. Oh my, how do I find the words to describe my heart's feelings as I look at these pictures? Such an illustration of how God is using you, Meagan, and the aunties and all of your "helpers" in His Kingdom. The children look so precious. And I wish that I was right there with you!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers daily!! Love and blessings to all of you.