Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I'm alive.

I'm alive. We're alive. All is well!

I'm actually in America right now for my furlough, and since I can't count on my hands anymore the number of people who've asked if there was any NEW update on Flo, I thought it was probably time to fill you in on life.

I just arrived in Wichita after spending a blessed week with my sponsoring congregation in Austin, Brentwood Oaks. I love my family there so much, and it was fun to put faces with the names of so many I've been e-mailing with the last year and a half but had never met personally. So many of the members there are prayer partners for our babies and aunties, and I LOVED getting to show them updated pictures and videos of the ones they love so much. I was treated to so many meals and invited into so many homes where our conversations were meaningful and hopefully fruitful as well.

While in Austin, I had a mini reunion with 3 of my interns from last summer. We had so much fun talking, laughing, and getting them caught up on the little ones they miss so much.

Now I'm in Wichita for the week to be with my family and rest and play games and eat and soak up every second of being together.

Of course, half my heart is back home with all the babies. Tomorrow I'll update you on them...