Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Please pray for Boyd

I feel like lately I've been such a Debbie downer, and I really don't mean to be! Sometimes life just throws you rough patches all at the same time, and I think we're in one of those times. 

Anyway, I intended to post some really happy, sweet pictures today to show that there is always still joy and good, happy things are happening, too! 

Then Boyd got sick again, so today let me just update you on him and hopefully tomorrow will bring better news! 

Boyd spent all of last week in Zimba hospital. He's 9 weeks old and failing to thrive. He is the tenth born baby in his family, and the last three before him died right around his age when they were back in the village (we never knew them or had them with us). 

With such a high infant mortality rate in his family history, we are so concerned for Boyd's life. After trying many treatments to no avail, we are starting TB treatment now to see if he'll respond to that. We are still awaiting the results of his HIV test. 

Please pray hard for this little guy. You can pray specifically for the diarrhea to go away, the thrush to go away, the cough to go away, the rash to go away, the fevers to go away, and for health to be restored in his broken little body. 

I appreciate you all and the prayers you say for our children. 

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