Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flo update

When you're rocking a baby, do you ever start singing the most random song? It always makes me laugh. It's as if you don't have thousands of songs memorized, floating around up there somewhere so you're straining to think of anything to sing.  And then the most odd ones come at certain moments.

Tonight I was rocking Flo to sleep, searching my mind for anything to sing, and the song "Silent Night" popped into mind. I sang it to my sweet, sleeping girl in the middle of September. The house was quiet, the fan was blowing gently on us, and all really was calm and bright. 

As I sang those words, For the first time ever, I think, I really pictured Jesus as this tiny infant, totally helpless and dependent on Mary. I thought about how deeply she must have loved her baby boy and how confused she must have been at what his future would hold. The line "Jesus, Lord at thy birth" gets me every time. 

I looked at Flo and imagined Jesus at her age, doing those same precious, baby things, and it totally made my day. Jesus, a totally human, totally real baby. It still shocks me, and I've been hearing the story since I was an infant! 

Don't think I'm comparing Flo to Jesus or anything, although she too is totally perfect! :) I was just thankful for the reminder of who our Savior is and where he started from. 

Anyway, since we're thinking about Flo already, how 'bout an update? 

Flo is just a completely different baby now. It is purely miraculous to see what God has done in her, how He has healed her and restored her trust and joy. It's just beautiful. She's still living at my house and spending the afternoons at the Haven. I'm in the process of transitioning her back there and so far she's doing great. 

Please keep praying for her as we make this transition together. I have a feeling it's going to be way harder on me than it will be on her. At least I hope so.

Possibly my favorite picture of her, just so content and proud of herself.
One of her first times sitting alone. She looks completely annoyed, probably at that outfit she's wearing.
She can't go anywhere without her paci, and when she sleeps her hand used to always be holding on to it.
She doesn't do that anymore. :(
When I realized that she's huge now.
That little grin is probably my very favorite of her looks.
Abbie loves Flo, and Flo tolerates Abbie.
Sitting like a champ. Boyd's cheering her on from the background.
This is the day I discovered she's a real sitter, like the 'I can leave the room while you sit there' kind.
She horns in on my morning Tonga lessons and clutching this Sharpie is her activity of choice. Every day.

My favorite thing about this video is how she keeps laughing at herself after she talks. Too sweet.

To read more about Florence's story, click here

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  1. Hey! Sorry for the random comment, but I saw someone posted a link to your site on the Rage Against the Minivan's recent post of orphan care. I clicked on the link thinking "man, this sounds just like what I'm involved with in Kenya" and am so thankful to have found your site! I know you are busy (because I only have 5 babies right now and know the craziness must be even greater with more!!) but if you get a second, could you email me at annie.coppedge@gmail.com ??? I'd love to learn from you!! We are new to this but like you, have a huge heart for getting these babies back into their village/extended families after they are stable/through the woods and I have not found many others doing the same. Thanks for what you do!!!