Monday, August 19, 2013

Milestone Monday, at last

Well I think it goes without saying that since I haven't posted a Milestone Monday in roughly three months, everyone's done a little changing around here. Hopefully I'll get caught up on all their accomplishments, big and small, over the next few weeks. For now, here's a little of what's been going on with our gang.

We have quite a few new sitters in the last three months. Here are some I happen to have pictures of right now:



It's hard to believe these five babies are sitting out with the big kids now. Raymond, Petra, Jeremy, Candace, and Chilala.
And in case you needed a close up of Raymond, here he is in all his glory. If you're having a hard time believing that's him, you're in good company. He shocks us daily.

These darlings have moved over to Haven 2 now and are walking or at least taking steps:
Emmaneul big eyes
Joy, never without a smile on her face these days
And her twin, Emmanuel, who also is happy as a clam.
These babies are not just walking but RUNNING now!
Christopher, the shortest walker we've ever had.
Irene, a total wild woman now
Rita is all over the place now, walking like a champ.
These new standers will be walking any day now. A few steps here and there for now...
Sweet Deacon, the gentlest giant
I wish I could show you how hard Memo claps for herself after she does this. You would melt.
Owen always looks like he's dancing when he stands up by himself
Aaron, so proud of himself and talking a million miles a minute
Anna baby is still at a 4-step record, but she thinks she's the cat's meow.
Steve's finally figured out life is so much more fun when you get off your bootie and go somewhere!
And what would a Milestone Monday be with an update on Joel. Someday soon I hope to be able to post a video of him doing all he can do , but for now, just trust me when I tell you he's working like a champ to walk. He smiles and giggles all the time, except when screaming at other kids for trying to take his toys. He can do everything in language class, and has added nose and tummy to his repertoire when asked about his body parts. He grunts something that sounds an awfully lot like "God" when asked who made him, although I'm not quite ready to admit that yet. He's just a different child. 
Look how handsome he is in those new kicks and braces.
He loves to hate them. His brothers, that is. Here they are "helping" him do his laps for therapy. He's actually singing in this picture. I look at this and sometimes start sobbing when I remember how far he's come by the grace of God.
Here he is climbing onto that wagon BY HIMSELF. It's beautiful to me that he even had that idea. And sometimes when he pushes the walker into the wall because he gets distracted and I won't help him steer, he looks at it and gets frustrated because he knows it's supposed to move but he can't make it. He's a smart little thing.
And lastly, here are some totally unrelated updates:
Helen had her first (and hopefully last) taste of cornrows. 
It's just that we can't figure out what to do with that hair of hers.
Well that's a bit better.

Nelson and Rodwell can usually be found just like this, two old men just shooting the breeze.
 They are typically just grinning at each other, but here they look possessed. 
Cathy's developed this nasty little habit of sticking out that little finger and making some nasty threats. It's kind of hilarious and kind of horrible at the same time.
Georgie keeps losing teeth and keeps being proud of it :).
Chabonwa will pull up and cruise now! Progress!
I've waited for months and months to get strawberries from my garden. I even bought an entire mosquito net to protect these babies. So far I've had four and savored every bite. Honestly, they're the only reason I wanted a garden.
I hope you all have a great Monday! 

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