Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Play Yard

Because of an extremely generous couple in Austin, we now have an incredible little play yard for our babies to roam in. It's basically a glorified play pen. We've had it about a month now, and every afternoon, that's where you'll find us. It took some getting used to, but the snits are finally used to, and are actually embracing, the dirt. Our babies live pretty sheltered lives, mainly because a lot of them are sickly when they come and we try to protect them as much as possible from possible infection. But, they all go back to their villages somewhere, so getting them used to dirt is good preparation! They truly love being outside, and they come up with all sorts of creative things to do. 

Enjoy a few pictures of them loving the new place.
Here's the place from afar.
The entrance
Maureen practicing a great life skill
Joel's first day didn't go so well. He hated the new surroundings. But look at him by day 2 or so....
Pouring sand all over himself!
Kurt's a busy little guy. He spends a lot of time raking, sweeping, gathering. He's just your typical outdoors man.

Seth, too, is always moving with a purpose. He likes to pretend tea is sugar and sell it to his friends. Or just carry huge buckets of sand from one side to the other, dumping, scooping, and redumping. 

Sweet Reuben
 Tim just clings tightly to whichever toy he first grabs that day, fills it with sand, dumps sand, repeats times a hundred.

Lincoln has fun no matter where he is or what he's doing.
Auntie Cliness gets in on the action
A moment of peace and harmony, and a photo-shopped sky. 
Nandi teaching Maureen how to share, a bit unsuccessfully. 
Jessie, just another victim of sand dumping. 
Virginia found this empty Sour Patch Kids box, and it became her toy of choice. Heaven help whoever tried to separate her from that sand-filled treasure.She held onto it for days.
When the box finally wore out, she moved on to bigger and brighter toys.
They love the boat.
Afternoon tea is now taken in the play yard. 
Ella, finger painting in sand.
Nico with a handful and a head full. 
Princess, loving life.
Prince, trying to love life.
I'm sorry, but Emmanuel could not get any cuter. 
Martin, covered from head to toe. His entire face is brown with sand. 
Solving the world's problems. 
Aunties helping the kiddos play.
Hands, hands, hands. 
Russell probably loves being outside and in the dirt more than any other kid we have.
Wade loves the old Vaseline container. Actually, that's a highly fought over container. If any one wants to send over any sand toys, they'd be appreciated! 
Cathy's the ultimate diva. It took her a good couple of weeks to decide she could touch the ground and not die. She is carefully perched on the plastic thing to avoid the touching of anything gross.
But look at her now! Look at all that dirt covering her shirt. 
Botias, having a blast
Lizzie loves filling cups.


  1. Oh my goodness.....how do you get all that sand out of their hair??? Great pictures!
    Thank you for sharing! Holly

  2. They are so stinkin cute!!! So glad they have such a great place to play and get dirty. I can't imagine the bathing that goes on after that, my little Denver has that thick curly hair and it took me 3 washings to get sand out of his hair the other day.

  3. Thanks for all the great pictures! Was happy to have another shot of Emmanuel and will keep an eye out for one of Joy. Gary