Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Parents

I have no words to describe the joy of having my parents here or the horrible pain of having them leave, just reinforcing for me that the hardest part of living here is without a doubt being away from my family.

It is such a rare and precious thing when different parts of our world get to collide. Sometimes it's just really hard that my worlds are worlds apart and rarely get to collide with each other. Not a day goes by that I don't wish my "people" from home could experience life with me here. I want them to know more than just the names and faces of kids that I know they love, but that they can only love as much as you can love someone you've never held or played with or talked to. I want them to hold them and know them and understand why they make me choose to live in this world so far away.

I wish they could all know how incredibly soft and fluffy a Zambian newborn's curls are. I wish they could comprehend the tininess that is an 8 month old baby who is still the size of a newborn. I wish they could hear the sweetest accents in the world singing "Jesus Loves Me" in their own special way. I wish they could appreciate just how big a deal it is that Joel is now doing the motions to every song we sing in language class. I wish they could feel my joy in seeing the babies who've gone back home still wrap their arms around me on a visit like they haven't forgotten. I wish they could stand beside me when we're preparing one of our precious ones for burial, joining us in remembering a life that mattered so much.

And for a few perfect weeks, I got that. It was music to my ears hearing our little ones yelling, "Sassy! Chief!", the same names my niece and nephews call them back home. I loved watching my dad eat tomatoes by the plateful, fresh from the garden, like he was in heaven. I got teary listening to my mom ooh and aah over the precious lives I, too, ooh and aah over daily. 

I'm adjusting back to life without them, slowly but surely. For now, I'm just reminding myself constantly how very blessed I am to have parents willing to come and enter into my life here, allowing parts of my two worlds to collide at least for a little while. 

An update on the babies tomorrow...I know that's what you're really after!

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  1. Loved seeing these pictures, Meag. I got to see your mom and dad this morning at church and they were both beaming as they talked about getting to see you and your babies. Love you, sweet friend! I'll be praying for you this week especially!