Monday, April 22, 2013

Milestone Monday

I hope you all are having a great day so far today! Here's what's happening with us.

I already told you Prince is walking, but here's a little footage from one of his first days walking. He's too sweet.

Paula is walking, club foot and all! She wiggled out of her cast again, but she's now started walking on that foot. I'm not sure she's really supposed to be, but it's hard to stop her! She gets worn out pretty fast. I love to see how proud of herself she is!

Mercy's also joined the other toddlers. She's still timid, but every day she's gaining more confidence. She couldn't be more darling.

And it wouldn't be a post without some update on Joel! Here are a few of the aforementioned videos! These are from a couple of weeks ago, so by now he's doing even more than he was then!

Sofia and Anna are both on the go, crawling all over town. They can usually be found squabbling over something as well. Sharing is so hard. 

Misheck spent the last 5 nights admitted in a nearby hospital.He's doing much, much better now, and he's been smiling at me all day!

Have I already mentioned that Jonathan wriggles all over the place? We find him in the funniest places, always with a giant grin plastered to his face and his eyebrows raised. He's a jolly old soul.

Raymond's lifting that big ole' head of his! He's enjoying the break from being carted all over the country :).

Russell's version of hide and seek.

Candace is getting stronger all the time. Her double hernia surgery is scheduled for May 29th, so please keep her in your prayers!

Have a wonderful week!

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