Monday, April 15, 2013

Milestone Monday- Long Time, No See Edition

Well hello there. I know I promised I'd fill you in on the babies the next day, and then we rushed up to Lusaka to get a CT scan for Raymond on Monday morning. One thing led to another, and we didn't get back until Thursday night. It's been so long since I've posted so I can't even remember what I've filled you in on and what I haven't. So here's just a little of what's been going on around here.

First of all, we have four new little boys since we last talked. Oh, and Priscilla  I don't think I've introduced you to her, either.

Priscilla, pure sweetness
Rodwell, the newest arrival of the boys
Oscar, who ironically enough is far from grouchy
Edwin, a serious sleeper with the best curls around
Misheck, whom we mistakenly called Shadreck for a couple of days because of an understandable little mix up :)
Well, aside from the new snit-snorts, life has been wonderfully uneventful. Here's a little snapshot into our days lately.
Petra with all her friends. But in all seriousness, look how fat she is! The table dwarfs her and all, but she's massive! On a side note, if any one knows how to get replacement seats for those tables, I'd be ever so grateful for that info.
Abbie is learning to ride that bicycle. She's a healthy and hilarious combination of confident and cautious. 
Irene is standing alone, but straight up running in the walker.
That little lady is Paula, standing on her tip toes without her cast on. She weasels her way out of her casts after approximately 3 or 4 days. But look how straight that left foot is getting. Progress!
Michelo is walking! All over the place! With big grins at all times!
Louisa has officially moved into a big girl crib in the big girl room. What?! How?!
Raymond is just taking it easy after a four day hospital stay, in which we found out frustratingly little about his situation. Basically, he has fluid on his brain that's neither normal nor fixable at this point. So we wait. And pray. And kiss his fat little cheeks and double chin until he yells at us.
Busiku comes to life a little more each day, if that's possible. I know you probably won't believe me, but today when I was feeding her porridge, she was actually repeating the sounds I was making. She's just an angel.
Chileleko is taking quite a few steps, and he's well on his way to becoming a full walker. And he never, ever stops smiling. Like even in his sleep, he's happy. And those teeth. He's too much.
Ella has this adorable habit of crossing her feet when she's sitting down reading, coloring, playing, etc. I'm glad she has this adorable habit because it distracts me from her other not so adorable habits she's started lately :).
Prince and Princess are both walking and moved over to Haven 2. I took this picture the day before they moved when the aunties were bringing them back to Haven 1 after eating their nshima. They're doing well amidst the craziness.

A baby is never too young to be taught how to lay nicely and have her hair plaited, right Helen?
Cathy spends all of language class in this position now. For a couple of days I futilely tried to turn her around every time she did it, but she's way faster than me. And she's just so stinkin' cute.
Chilala's become quite the card shark.
This boy absolutely kills me. Just wait until I post the videos of all the new things he's doing in language class. Today he was being so loud I had to get on to him! Joel! Imagine! (I just realized how bad that sounds that I got on to a kid for talking in language class, but it wasn't at an appropriate time, okay?)
Maya got spikes while Marissa got a shaved head. I'm not sure which one got the better end of that deal.
Mercy is almost walking. She goes short distances right now, but she's almost there. And she's teething like crazy, but who isn't?
As for me, my biggest milestone was walking around with some lions and living to tell about it. 

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