Monday, March 18, 2013

Milestone Monday

We've had a few Mondays without recorded milestones! So sorry. My parents arrive tomorrow, so you may not be hearing much from me for a couple of weeks as I soak up every bit of them I can!

All is well though. The babes are thriving and growing and we're so proud of them.

Joy is standing alone and has taken A step (at least that's all any of us have seen-- maybe she's taking more in secret, which would be totally like her). I got some pics of her standing, but they were all a bit blurry. So this one is a bit assisted, but you get the idea.

Kent is walking only now. He's been able to for awhile, but now when he wants to go anywhere, he will not settle for anything other than walking. He's the sweetest.

These two snit snorts, Chilala and Jeremy, are both rolling over like crazy. This picture shows what happens almost the instant you put them down for tummy time. Roll, roll, roll.

Princess is taking steps. She'll be walking any day now. She's chillin' at Haven 2 most afternoons, getting the lay of the land for when she decides to actually walk.

Angel is standing alone, too. No steps. Someday soon, I'm sure.

Maya's walking better than Marissa now, though she started a couple weeks later! She's fast and so much fun.

Joel's legs are both in braces now. The idea is to keep his legs straight to promote walking. He has had the braces on for about 8 hours now and shown absolutely no reaction whatsoever. The others are quite interested in them, though.

Jonathan never stops moving. It's like we play a constant game of hide and seek with him. He shows up in the funniest places, just scooting around on his belly. He loves to be on the go.

Petra is pushing up now, which is a long way from a month ago when she couldn't hold her neck very well. She gets prettier every day, too.

Have a great week everybody! 

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