Thursday, March 14, 2013

Joel Never Ceases to Amaze Us

2 disclaimers before I post these videos:

1. As always, please try and ignore my voice. Why is it that the sound of your own voice is so annoying?
2. These accomplishments may seem small, but Joel is a boy with cerebral palsy whom we feared would never do a lot of things he's doing now. So every new thing he does is cause for great celebration around here. So join with us in thinking these accomplishments are the major victories that they are!

I do language class every day with the kids. During one part of class, I teach all the body parts, we sing lots of songs about them, and then I ask each child his own question for the chance of getting a little treat. Some of our kids are super advanced :), so they're getting questions like "Where is your armpit?" But most of them are still on the basics, and we have quite a few that still stare blankly at me as I ask them to point to a particular body part! I always still ask them because I know one day it will all click. A few days ago, I asked Joel (who never speaks and never responds to questions) where his eyes were for the 30th time ever, not expecting any response but wanting him to still be included. Out of nowhere, he put his hand up next to his temple. The aunties and I all just started screaming, not sure if we'd imagined it or not. So I asked again, and he did it again! And now this is the third day in a row he's done it. It's quite miraculous. 

We also have a special book called "Peek-a-who" that we read, and I ask each baby, "Where is (fill in the name of a child)?" and they get to yell, "Peek-a-boo!" So again, I ask Joel when it's his turn, as I always do, but this time he puts his little hands up right over his eyes! And then again and again, he plays peek a boo!

To top it all off, for the first time ever, today he responded to the question, "How big is Joel?" with both his arms out to his sides! When I finally got my phone out, he was kind of over it and only gave me one arm, but you get the point.

God is moving mountains in the mind and body of this little boy. I'm so grateful I get a front row seat to watch Him work. 


  1. They are still Private! Ah I am so excited to watch these and see his sweet face!!!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you!!!! He is doing so good! This just made my day! I can't stop smiling!!!

  3. It is so wonderful to see him! God is doing great works in Joel. I remember when I first saw him. He has totally grown so much! My heart is smiling right now for him. I can not wait to see him in September.

  4. How wonderful!!!!!