Saturday, February 23, 2013


For awhile now, I’ve wondered if Raymond had hydrocephalus.  His eyes have always done interesting things, and his head appears very large. The older he gets, the more evident it is that there is a problem. Yesterday I took him for an ultrasound, and they found increased fluid on his brain. The next step is to take him to Lusaka to get a shunt put in to relieve the pressure. 

The neurosurgeon wanted me to bring him today so he could operate on Monday, but Raymond has been sick with pneumonia for the last five days. They wouldn't be able to operate on him in the condition he has been in, so we decided to wait a few days and see if he stabilizes. In the meantime, we have him admitted in our local clinic and he is on IV antibiotics.

Thankfully, today his fever has gone away! If he stays without fever, I will probably take him Monday or Tuesday for observation and then the operation. 

So, please pray with us for no more fever and for the pneumonia to be completely gone so he can have the surgery he needs. We want to see our little Raymond well!

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  1. Sending prayers up for Sweet Li'l Raymond! Godspeed, Meagan!