Monday, February 11, 2013

Milestone Monday

Well, hello again friends. Want to see what we've been up to lately?

Nickname: Deaco
Milestone: sitting and rocking a cotton hat
Name: Dillon
Nickname: Deeleelee
Milestone: perfected the art of trying hard not to smile
Name: Anna
Nickname: Annababy
Milestone: rocking a horse all alone
Name: Lisa
Nickname: Lili
Milestone: Standing alone*
*It only appears that there are tiny hands holding her up. She really does it alone.
Name: Louisa
Nickname: Weesee
Milestone: shakily sitting alone and being the sweetest thing ever
Name: Chileleko
Nickname: Chile
Milestone: Cruising (in girly PJs)
Name: Christopher
Nickname: Topher
Milestone: crawling and flirting with all the ladies
Name: Leo
Nickname: Shupa boy
Milestone: Correctly answering the question, "Where are your teeth?"
Name: Lizzy
Nickname: Lizzy Maguire*
Milestone: Dancing like a madwoman**
*Seriously. Even the other babies call her that.
** Video to come.
Name: Owen
Nickname: Oh-wee
Milestone: Scooting around on his belly and being perfect
Name: Richard
Nickname: Ricardo
Milestone: Sitting alone*
*He looks like he's in pain, but I promise he wasn't.
Name: Cathy
Nickname: Kah-tee-tee
Milestone: Shutting and opening any door within a 50 ft radius

Name: Memory
Nickname: Memo
Milestone: sitting AND stacking rings AND having the best cheeks and dimples around

Name: Martin
Nickname: Martini*
Milestone: Tricks on his scooter
*Zambians often add an "i" to the end of words ending in consonants. This is not a reference to an alcoholic beverage.
Name: Russell
Nickname: Chalema
Milestone: removing his mattress and throwing it out of his bed every nap time*
*This is totally endearing and not at all frustrating.

Name: Petra
Nickname: Doesn't have one (yet)
Milestone: sitting alone and being a little slice of heaven
*To see how far she's come, read here
And this week's "Wow! Look how far they've come!" award goes to Rita! 

She is unbelievably fat and crawling all over the place now. She never stops moving, even in her sleep. When her shirt is off after bathing, she loves to pat her HUGE belly and laugh. It's pretty precious, if I do say so myself. 

I am heading to Lusaka tomorrow to get some routine blood work done and do some shopping for the Haven. Ordinarily I don't love trips to Lusaka, but I am SO EXCITED to be going this time because we are going to see Les Mis!!! I just finished reading the book, and I didn't think I would get to see the movie in a theatre. So I'm just beyond thrilled for a night away and to see a movie I've heard so many great things about. I hope you all have a great Monday!

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  1. I hope Lilly doesn't catch wind of that mattress trick. Wow! =) They are so precious. Yeah for Rita! She looks amazing. Have fun at Les Mis. It is wonderful. We're praying for you and the little ones.