Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Milestone Monday- Video Version

Hello everyone! Today, I've decided to do a video version of our milestones from the last couple of weeks. 

First of all, Deacon's laugh is as cute as it gets. I never get tired of hearing it.

Petra is talking up a storm. Well, it's more like she just squeals, but it is constant and sweet as can be.

Christopher's crawling is pretty great. He kind of slithers, gets up on all fours, flops, slithers again, but it's oh so cute to watch him roam around his little world.

Lisa is walking! It's taken her awhile to bite the bullet, but she finally did and loves the freedom it brings. It does mean she's now a double threat in the ornery department.

These girls continue to provide me with constant entertainment. They are inseparable, and you can't call one without them all flocking. In this clip you'll see evidence of Tracy and Marissa walking, and Maya standing alone (although she's taking steps, too), and Paula just chillin' like she does. Paula's by far the fastest of the four, but not walking yet.

Here's the aforementioned belly patting by Rita. It's short, but gives you the idea. She's perfection.

Here are Princess, Prince, and Lisa on an average day. This will give you a taste of how incredibly busy Princess is, how passive Prince is, and how verbal Lisa is. They are a precious gang.

Thanks for loving our babies!


  1. Look at these wonderful children! I can't believe all of them walking.

    And after Deacon's laughing video there is one of Aaron! I love them all but Aaron is special to me.

  2. Thank you for sharing!!!!