Friday, February 8, 2013

A Friday

One question I get fairly often is, “What do you do every day?” 

While every day looks a little different, here is what today looked like, which was fairly typical for a Friday.

7:30-9:30 Tonga class with Ba Halale, in which I read a story in my grade 3 Tonga book about hygiene and cleanliness, and in which we studied a new case of nouns.

9:30-10  I made rounds at the Havens and caught up on what happened since last night, who is sick, which family is visiting, etc.
Katie's uncle visits faithfully, but isn't married and can't take care of a 3 month old baby by himself while he works. He is in the process of finding a family that will be able to raise her.
10-11 I took Busiku and Joel to physical therapy. 

11 Lunch time at Haven 2. Today it was nsima and kapenta, tiny dried fish. On kapenta day, I don’t sneak too many bites of their food. Now on cabbage day…

11:30ish I helped the aunties get Haven 2 kiddos bathed and changed and down for their afternoon nap.
Believe it or not, they always settle down and all take a good 2-3 hour nap.
12-12:30 Bathed and bottle fed our four littlest at Haven 3.

12:30ish I started language class with some at Haven 3...

...only to be interrupted by a message that one of our baby’s ARVs (HIV medication) ran out today. Made a trip to the clinic to refill his prescription. 

13-14 Home for lunch with Helen. I don't bring a baby home for lunch every day, but most days. It’s not always her, but usually just whomever is in need of a little extra attention. Today I ate an egg salad sandwich and an apple. 

14-15ish Folded nappies (cloth diapers) and rocked babies at Haven 1. This is a time I practice my language with the aunties as we sit with the babies.

15ish-16:30 Language class at Haven 2 They start begging me with, “Tulayanda kwiiya!” (we want to learn!)as soon as I get back from lunch and they get up from their naps. 

16:30 porridge feeding at Haven 1

17:00 supper feeding at Haven 2

17:30 porridge feeding at Haven 3

These feedings at all three houses sometimes seem endless, but they are also some of my favorite times of the day. We sing to and with the babies, we teach them things, and I get to keep tabs on who is not eating, who is acting strange, who needs a little more one-on-one, etc.

18:00-19:00 I usually head home sometime in there after a quick meeting with the different house parents to debrief about the day, what all happened, who may need attention in the night, etc.Some nights I go home with a baby. Tonight I took Memory with me. She came home, played, and took a nap on my chest while I wrote some e-mails, then she came with me to our Friday night singing at the Merritt’s house. 
We went back to the Haven about 21, just in time to check on Leahndrea who was having some diarrhea today. She hadn't had any since I left at 18, so I’ll sleep well tonight!

Now I’m home. I got to Skype with my mama, ate some supper, worked on a Tonga lesson, and I just finished bringing Patrick (the night watchman) his tea and locking up. When I lock up on Friday nights, I almost always hang a note on the door that says “Please do not knock. We are resting.” That usually keeps the knocks on the door quiet until at least 8 or so on Saturday morning, the morning where I really try to relax, do nothing but catch up on business or read. 

That was what today held for me. I hope your Friday was blessed as well!


  1. Thank you so much for this glimpse into your world. I love knowing what you are doing and how things work for you. Have a relaxing Saturday morning! We're praying for you!

  2. Busy day full of Kingdom work and Kingdom love! Blessings from China!

  3. Loved hearing about your day. You are amazing!! You bless so many lives! Sending blessings and hugs!