Monday, January 28, 2013

Milestone Monday

Happy Monday to you all. I hope your day is blessed, wherever you are. We've been blessed here, especially by all your prayers and sweet messages about Melody. Thank you for caring so much.

Petra may look like the sweetest sleeper, but she has started snoring like crazy! It's incredibly loud.
And she's fat. When did that happen?
Princess lost her braids, but not her attitude. And she has 4 teeth now.
Lisa eats everything not nailed down, and today she tackled a mango.
These three ask to have their picture taken CONSTANTLY. They pose themselves.
 Kurt even automatically says, "Cheese."
I cannot handle George's new obsession with tucking in his shirts. Have you ever seen anything cuter than that tucked in school uniform, those knobby little knees, and those school socks?
Have I already mentioned Owen's sitting now? If I have, he's still sitting :).
Busy picture, I know. This gang of girls keeps us on our toes. Marissa is officially walking with Tracy, Paula (in the red shirt) stands pretty well now, and there's Busi sitting among her friends again! Helen's just being a dud up there, resting from all her dancing, and Maya's crawling off to find someone to hold her.

Have a great day!


  1. this made my day! (: love you and miss you so much!!! kiss princess for me!!

  2. I was having a bad day at work then I saw this post! Thank you for the pictures it made my day. I was so excited to see Busiku sitting with her friends and she looks so happy. George is very hansome in his tucked in shirt. The girls will be chasing him down! They are all so dang cute! I love thier smiles! I can't stop smiling when I read your blog! Thank you for all that you do for those kids! Holly