Monday, December 10, 2012

Milestone Monday

Good Monday everybody! I hope wherever you are today, God is blessing you richly in the way only He can.
Well, our biggest milestone this week, without a doubt, is that these two little snit snorts are still with us. Jeremy and Chilala have failed to thrive since they came, but this week they took that to a whole new level. They had incessant diarrhea and were on drips for much of the week. Fortune earned her pay this week, for sure! After a 4 day stay at Zimba Hospital, Jeremy is looking a bit brighter. Chilala, although never hospitalized, scared us every bit as much. She actually smiled again yesterday, so we're praising God for His healing of these two.
Jeremy and Chilala, twin drips

Jeremy, our little miracle

Chilala's sweet smile

In equally exciting, yet less dramatic, news, Prince is crawling! He and his twin sister Princess have long been bootie-scooters, refusing to actually crawl to get anywhere. But now, he's off, and Princess is eating his dust.

Our sweet Joel is working hard at physical therapy. Things started out a little rough...

...but he seems to have gotten used to the torture. At today's session we discussed the need to get braces for his legs if he's going to stand alone and walk, so I have a call in to a hospital in Livingstone that may be able to help us.

Joel today, hard at work
Not to be shown up, Busiku is also making good progress at therapy. She's putting more weight on her legs and is generally looser than she has been. When she walks in the door and sees Francis, I'm chopped liver for the next hour. She's in love, and so is he. A few weeks ago, he took her in his arms when I brought her in and said, "My one and only Busiku is here!" Then, last week he told me if he has a daughter, he'll name her Busiku. Did I mention she's lost two teeth now? Could she get any sweeter??
Francis and Busiku
Two teeth down!
Traci is standing now! She's in no hurry to actually move those feet from their planted position. She just stands herself up, gets kind of bored with it, then crawls off to play. Then she repeats the whole process all over again. She's too funny! Someday she'll learn how much easier life is on legs.
Have a great day!


  1. I love these updates =) Continuing to pray for the little ones!

  2. I am so so excited about Joel's therapy!!