Monday, December 3, 2012

Milestone Monday

It was a good Monday in our neck of the woods, except that my dear friend Kelsey flew back to Oklahoma today. Her visit was such a blessing, and we're all sad to see her go.
To cheer us up, how about a few milestones?
Anna is sitting and looking so cute doing it!

Brian is sitting like a champ, too. He's even doing two things at once-- eating and sitting!

Cathy is standing alone, although the picture indicates otherwise. She's taken a few steps, but she's still a bit timid.

Irene and Christopher are both sitting alone AND eating nshima. Crazy, crazy, crazy.

Joel moved to Haven 2. He loves engaging with new friends!

Nicole and about 10 others got their hair plaited for the first time in their little lives. So grown up!

Helen (my tiny, sickly, frail Helen!!) is sitting up AND weighs 5 kgs now.
She's almost doubled in weight since starting TB treatment.

Our walking, talking, perfect Quintyn goes back to the village tomorrow. No!!!!!
Have a blessed day everyone!

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  1. Meagan - I think I cry tears of joy pretty much every Milestone Monday! I can't even thank you nearly enough for allowing me to continue to see God working in these precious little lives and keeping me connected to the babies that became "mine" when I was there. It's amazing to see Christopher sitting and eating nshima when only a few short months ago, we had to work so hard to get him to take even an ounce of his bottle and keep it down! The milestones they are all reaching are incredible. May God continue to bless you, the other aunties, and those beautiful babies!