Monday, December 31, 2012

Milestone Monday, New Year's Eve Edition

Happy New Year's Eve! I plan on keeping all the babies up until midnight tonight to ring in 2013!            
The babies have a good week. They are all still sweet as can be and plugging right along developmentally. We're proud of every single little accomplishment, no matter how insignificant it may seem.  

Joel has started feeding himself alone, albeit a bit messily.
That blur is Mercy's hands clapping and she's singing. Such a big girl.
 Remember how Helen was a dying, frail baby? (The only reason this picture of me is coming to light is to show you her condition...)
Helen in August
Well, she's exploded. It's like she's not the same child.
Helen now
Christopher's in the same boat. Just huge now. So huge that he moved into the big boy's room.
Angel is crawling all over the place!
Marissa is standing alone! No steps yet...
Maleele is sitting like a big boy!
Raymond learned how to pound it.
Anna baby is also crawling!
Aaron is sitting so well!
Cathy is officially walking and living at Haven 2!
Jonathan is sitting AND has two new teeth!
Steve sits!
And sweet Traci finally took the plunge, and now all she does is walk. She's so grown up.
Thanks for celebrating with us as they grow!

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  1. I look at these pictures several times a week! I smile just as if I were seeing them for the first time! I'm so glad Heather saved your site on my when work gets me down....I just pull this up!