Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Opportunities

If you are looking for something special to do for someone else this Christmas season, I have a few opportunities for you!
We still have babies that are in need of sponsorship. The Haven is run through child sponsorship. It costs $150 a month for us to keep a baby. In the past, $75 a month was what we needed for a child for a month, but that is no longer covering all the needs given inflation and the increase in minimum wage for the aunties who care for the babies. So now, each baby either has one sponsor at $150 or 2 sponsors at $75 each.
The majority of our children have full sponsorship now, but we still have 16 that need one more sponsor at $75 a month. If you are interested in helping us provide for these children, please e-mail me at meaganhawley@gmail.com.
Joy, 10 months (twin to Emmanuel)

Emmanuel, 10 months (twin to Joy)

Lizzy, 1 1/2 years

Louisa, 5 months

Leah, 2 years
Kurt, 3 1/2 years

Busiku, around 6 years

Hamilton, 2 1/2 years

Joel, 2 1/2 years
Aaron, 5 months

Steve, 8 months

Owen, 8 months

Maleele, 1 year
Chileleko, 1 year

Lushomo, 2 weeks

Kent, 14 months

The other opportunity to help would be to make a donation to our formula drive.

We are trying to raise $30,000 to purchase formula to be shipped over on a shipping container. This amount of forumla, which is considerably cheaper to buy in the States, should last us a good part of the year. We are almost to our goal, currently having raised $26,000. If you are interested in helping, you can make a check out to Eastside Church of Christ, with “Zambia Formula” in the memo line. Checks can be mailed to:

Eastside Church of Christ
            5905 Flintridge Drive
            Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Thank you all so much for your interest in helping our sweet little ones. We couldn’t do it without you!


The Haven Gang

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  1. Donovan & Jeanette DavisDecember 16, 2012 at 4:50 AM

    You are God's angel sent to those precious babies. May the Lord continue to bless you and your heart as you bless them.
    You are constantly in our prayers.
    Grace & Peace,
    Donovan & Jeanette