Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It's been two weeks! Time flies when you're having fun. Let me sum up the last two weeks in a nutshell:

1. We have four new babies since last week.

Katie came one day old. She's perfect and precious, and all seems well.


Candice came 8 hours old. She came out with a smashed face, all the way leaning to one side, but she's perfect and precious, too!


Memory and Melody, twin girls, came 4 months old. Their first two days were pretty rough, but since then they seem to have bounced back into what must be the sweetest personalities God ever granted children. They can barely drink their milk for all the smiling they do.

Memory and Melody

All four of our new ones are HIV exposed, so we'll wait and see what their tests show.

2. We have had 3 more babies go home. Matt went first, then Mary, and then Peace. Each of them left gaping holes. Each went into situations we feel good about. Each are missed every day. Each of them deserves a whole post, but that might be awhile.

Matt's just messing with you-- he was very happy to be going home with his grandmother!
Mary and her new rain boots from Uncle Ben and Aunt Courtney

A sweet look between Peace and her aunt

3. Busiku continues to go to physical therapy three times a week, and yesterday she sat alone for the first time in her life!! It was an awesome day, and she's really making so much progress. I have some contact information about a home for children with severe special needs, so we're also making progress on that front. I can't get enough of this picture and her preciousness.

4. Beauty is up to 1.2 kgs, which is a little over two and a half pounds. We're making progress. The feeding tube had to be reinserted because she developed some pretty bad oral thrush and wasn't sucking well, but it's out again and she's sucking again on her own. We continue to have some pretty bad scares with her. Last week an auntie called me from the other room, told me she'd stopped breathing, and I went to attend to her. She was completely blue in the face, and her legs were white and freezing. I did CPR, and after a long four minutes, she regained normal breathing patterns. She has spells like this about once a week. Please keep praying for her little lungs to do their job.

5. Harding left last week. It was sad to see them go, but we were so thankful for the time they spent here. The babies were especially blessed by the extra love and attention they lavished upon them. I was so blessed by our bible studies and devotionals that really encouraged by soul. We miss them already.

Holly, a Harding student, working with Aaron

6. Louisa was able to stay for 2 weeks after the Harding group left, and I'm so happy for that time with my friend! We went away for a few days of relaxation and rejuvenation, and now she has another week left before she goes back to America.

7. The rains have started, so while some days are pretty brutally hot, most are really pleasant. This allows us to have lots of afternoons spent playing on the veranda. Does this look like bliss or what?


Have a great week everybody!


  1. So many exciting new things happening!! You and your four new little beauties are in our prayers.

  2. Hi Meagan.
    I'm Lisa. I know the people of Africa's Child. I love your updates of the little angels. It melted my heart when I saw the updated picture of Aaron. It was such a blessing to name that little guy. Thank you for following and doing what you are doing!