Tuesday, November 27, 2012


I hope you all are having a great holiday season! I definitely had a Thanksgiving to remember, but I’ll post a separate post about that another day. I also realize another Milestone Monday has passed without a post, so I guess my self-fulfilling prophecy came true--“you’ll never actually keep up with something like that every week!” In my slight defense, we haven’t had power the last two Mondays (and most days between for that matter, but who’s counting??), and a post about Monday should obviously happen on Monday, so there’s that.
Beauty died this morning, and we buried her a couple of hours later. As premature as she was, we knew her life expectancy in a country like this was not great, but it still breaks our hearts to lose her. I think we all just thought that after all the times she’s almost died but we’ve been able to revive her, she would make it through this time as well. But this morning she stopped breathing and her tiny little lungs couldn’t do it anymore. She was a blessing, and I’m so thankful she was born. She now has heaven for all of eternity.

Maybe my favorite picture of Beauty. I love how her legs look in those newborn socks.

Louisa left last week, and I was so sad to see her go! We moved here together in 2006, and then she moved back to the States in 2009 when I stayed another year. This was the first time we’d been back together in Zambia since then, excepting short visits, so it was so much fun! She came as one of the faculty members for Harding University in Zambia. HIZ was blessed to have her on their staff. She has a heart that desperately wants to do good and make sure the world knows Jesus Christ, and she does it in such a fun way. This semester she felt called to speak to young women about the dangers of sexual sin and the importance of purity. My prayer is that God will multiply her efforts and use what she’s taught to help many, many women in the future. Before she left, she gave me such a sweet gift—she made me and Helen matching outfits! It was a hilarious surprise, and the aunties went wild when we showed up wearing them. I really miss my kindred spirit, but I feel so blessed to have had 3 months to be with her here again.

Jeremy needs prayers right now. He's not gaining weight and not thriving at all. We are still waiting for his HIV test to return, and we've tried all there is to do for him without knowing the result of that. So, while we wait, please pray for healing for him and his weak body.

Auntie Betty and Jeremy
We got a new baby boy Sunday named Lushomo. Our last six have been girls, so it was about time for a boy! He was born on Sunday and was just a few hours old when he arrived. He's sweet as can be, and he spends all his time sleeping, thus far.

Lushomo, 8 hours old
Have a great day!

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