Monday, October 29, 2012

Milestone Monday

On the Friday night that Aumbi died, we got a call from a preacher of a church in town. He didn’t know what to do. A few days back, he’d met a young mother while visiting the sick in the hospital. He’d only met her once, but when she passed away the hospital called him to help. She left a ten day old baby behind, no known father, and a grandmother who was old and unable to care for the newborn. The preacher was asking if we would be able to take the baby. I said we could, and we made plans to meet that evening.

After stopping by to visit Aumbi, before she got sick later that evening, we headed into town to pick up this new little one. Fortune directed me where to go, and we found ourselves sitting in a hot, dark church building. The grandmother handed me a bundle of blankets, and when I looked inside, I gasped. This was not your average ten-day old baby girl, but a 700 gram premature baby (about 1 ½ pounds). She looked so white she could have been white, and she resembled a small ghost. I couldn’t believe that the baby was just hanging around outside an incubator, but then I remembered where I was. I asked the grandmother if the baby had a name. She didn’t, so we named her after her late mother. She became Beauty.

We filled out all the important paperwork, prayed with the grandmother, and then headed back to the Haven to get our incubator cleaned up and ready to go.

She is now 20 days old, although she was a little over two months premature. She’s given us quite a few scares when her underdeveloped lungs forget to do their job, but overall she’s doing well. Her feeding tube was removed, and she’s now sucking on her own!

So, our first milestone to celebrate today is Beauty gaining weight (up to 1,030 grams or 2.2 pounds) and sucking! It’s a miracle, and we know God’s hand alone has kept her alive and growing.

Aunti Naomi keeping watch over Beauty

When the power goes out  and the incubator turns off, we have to actually dress the little lady.
Look! No feeding tube!
Our next milestone is Petra adjusting well to her new home and TB medications. She’s the baby I wrote about a couple of weeks ago who cried her first whole day with us after losing her twin sister and mother. She has settled in nicely, and we are quite smitten with her. The aunties call her "black shine" because of her dark skin.

Last but not least, Princess started reading this week. It's been a BIG week around here :).


  1. Miss Hawley - Thank you for sharing your life in Zambia with us. I look forward to your posts and love to see how God is working through you and the aunties. I have fallen in love with each of your babies. I can see why you followed your calling and went back. I love your precious heart, truely a gift from God. Praying for you and your aunties and those precious babies you care for.
    The Wrasses - Kristie Bethany & Matthew

  2. Hello Meagan, I am so glad to know about this blog!I know some of the babies you love and some of the wonderful people with whom you work. I know them because I was there last May/June! It was my first trip to Namwangia and what a wonderful experience.In fact, I lived in "Meagan's House" for six weeks!I look forward to your "stories" and I am grateful you have devoted your time and talent to this wonderful mission. "Miss" DIXIE!

  3. Hi Meagan! I love reading your blog! I have been praying for you ever since you went back to Zambia. We miss your sweet face in our Ladies' class! God bless you!! Kristine Newberg (New Hope church)